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My name is Michael Dixon and I’m the founder of Inner Power Golf

I’ve been involved in golf for 30 years, 10 years as a scratch player, 15 years as a registered PGA pro, 12 years as a full-time golf coach and given over 10,000 lessons. I’ve held professional roles in Scotland, the US and most recently as Head Pro in the K Club, Ireland.

If I’ve learned one thing during my time playing golf, it is that the variables of enjoyment, learning and performance are based on my ability to stay in the present moment.


Looking back to when I first learned golf, it felt very natural and mainly came about by letting go in excitement and being present to my experience, trusting natural development would happen from experience. It was then a surprise when becoming a PGA professional that the culture of learning in golf was presented so differently. I came to realise that the technical instructions I was teaching were actually creating self-doubt and tension and were hindering more than helping. So, I went in search to create an understanding of how we learn a motor skill most efficiently, with the intention to coach in a way that would bring out ‘child like’ learning in adults.


It was 10 years ago that my coaching took a pivot. It was inspired by Fred Shoemaker of ‘Extraordinary Golf’. After reading his book ‘The Art of the Possible’, I knew I had to learn from this man in person and went to study with the Extraordinary Golf team in California. Leaving with understanding and experiences in how my own game and my client’s game could be filled with enjoyment, learning and performance in balance. Also discovering that golfer’s already own a swing that fits their unique body embodied within which is led out through self-awareness. Following on from my time spent with Extraordinary Golf, I had the great pleasure of spending time learning with Timothy Gallwey, founder of the Inner Game. Spending our time exploring Tim’s fascinating learning discovery and formula, Self-1 (Our Interfering Self) and Self-2 (Our Potential).

Performance = Potential – Interference


As a golf coach, it’s never been my intention to foster dependencies. Believing my role in a lesson is to provide a learning environment that would not otherwise be created by the student.

An environment free from judgements where heightened awareness can take place, allowing the student to self-discover and self-coach in the learning area they want a breakthrough.

This approach to learning also naturally develops the enormously valuable life skill of being in the present moment.

Maybe the way we do anything is the way we do everything.

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"In 2018, my Lady Captain’s Year, Michael coached a very green, beginner team of 5 ladies for the AIG Challenge Cup Series. Adopting his methodology that he shares so uniquely, this beginner team of golfers went onto win the Leinster Cup and All Ireland Finals in gruelling competitions against well-known, highly-established golf clubs all over Ireland. We will treasure this memory forever and will always share our glory with Michael. I highly recommend any golfer spends time with Michael, you will see the difference immediately."


A Word From Michael Davern

"I appointed Michael as Head Golf Professional at the K Club in 2009. Over the 10 years he was in the role, I can sincerely say he was always a complete professional and true gentleman. I’m delighted to see Michael continue his passion for golf coaching independently with his new ‘Inner Power Golf’ brand and wish him the very best."

- Michael Davern, Chief Executive, Kildare Hotel and Country Club, 2006 to 2020