Get Ready For A Game Filled With Enjoyment,
Learning And Performance In Balance

Please be aware this golf tuition is different than the culture of golf teaches, so I recommend before booking lessons you read Timothy Gallwey’s “Self 1 and Self 2” discovery.

(Approximately 3 minute read)

As this approach will be at the core of your lessons.


50 Minute Golf Lesson

I am currently giving all my lessons at the driving range in Naas, Co. Kildare.

A typical 50 minute Golf Lesson includes the following:

  • We share a conversation so I can understand what you want to learn.
  • I will then observe you in action and make you aware of what is currently happening in the area you are looking to learn.
  • I will then give you an understanding and ‘feeling’ for how your body instinctively wants to move in your learning area.
  • You will then hit balls ‘feeling’ how you are currently different than your instinctive movement.
  • After each shot you will share your ‘experience’ in your learning area and then I will share authentically what I saw take place.
  • Behind this awareness the bodies innate learning intelligence will naturally begin to self correct back to the movement that best fits your unique body.
  • This process will continue after your lesson until your learning breakthrough naturally takes place.

50 minute golf lessons are available all year round.

To book or learn more, please email me at or call me on 086 080 7560

Get Amazing Results

"After taking a break from golf for several years, I went and took a lesson from Michael. I immediately fell in love with the game again as Michael's approach to golf gave me a sense of freedom, allowing me to learn things naturally by observing and giving up the controlling part of myself that is judging my performance and is always dissatisfied. Michael gave me a new insight into learning, not just in golf, but in life in general."


A Word From Fred Shoemaker

"Michael is exceptional at creating a learning environment. He coaches students to not only discover what fits their unique bodies, but also to learn how to learn, and how to become extraordinary at self-coaching."